About Us

Left Hand Books is the leading alternative book store based in New York City whose mission it is to provide access to information which is quite often difficult to obtain, as well as alternative viewpoints that you would not typically find in the mainstream media or other bookstores. We want to be able to give a voice to the voiceless by empowering them with information. We are non-sectarian and non-affiliated, with our operations being run by volunteers. This means that we are completely non-profit.

At Left Hand Books we house different kinds of books with different subject matters from comic, art, fiction, non-fiction, academic and zine among others. We typically host books you will not find in the mainstream as we seek to support authors who focus on issues of equity, justice and other social issues. Our team is not made up of activists we are just a community of people who strongly believe in the independence of the media, freedom of expression and the right to access information at all times.

We welcome you to journey with us as we work towards creating and enabling an empowered society through availing knowledge.

Joseph Tate – Founder, Left Hand Books

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