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Left Hand Books is a non-profit, non-affiliated, volunteer-run book store that heavily relies on your advertisements for us to be able to actualize our mission of providing the citizenry with access to information which is quite often difficult to obtain, as well as alternative viewpoints that they would not typically find in the mainstream media or other bookstores. We may be non-profit but we are very popular in the online space with a very loyal audience who are passionate about our cause. We can guarantee you that your brand on our platform will be of tremendous benefit to you as your potential customers will appreciate the fact that you care enough about social issues. This is the kind of corporate social responsibility that makes it much easier to convert audiences into customers.

To advertise through Left Hand Books magazineplease fill in the form on our Contact Us page with some brief details about the products or services you wish to advertise anda member of our team will get back to you within 24 hours.