4 basic characteristics that make a good book

Blog9 - 4 basic characteristics that make a good book

Different people have different preferences when it comes to books they consider as good books which they would even recommend to others to read. Whether a book is fiction or non-fiction, we believe that it must contain certain basic characteristics in order for it to qualify as a good book.

Here are 4 basic characteristics that make a good book.

bk1 - 4 basic characteristics that make a good book

The language use should be really good

The first characteristic of a good book is the really good use of language by the author. This is what keeps the reader going on and on as they get to appreciate the well-structured sentences that bring about authenticity to the narration as well as conversations between the characters. You feel good as a reader when you can feel the emotions of the characters simply because of how beautifully the author makes use of language.

The book should feel honest

It is human nature to shun deceit and appreciate honesty therefore authors should be really careful about aiming for the latter and not the former. Whether you are doing a fiction or non-fiction book, it’s always important for the author to find creative ways of alerting a reader that in as much as the character in the book is being dishonest, the author on his/her part is honest and will not be shy about bringing this point out.

Your characters should feel real

This is tied to the aspect of honesty and is still applicable to both fiction and non-fiction books. Every character in you book must always feel real so that they are relatable. The moment readers come across characters who seem to perfect to be real, they are likely to be ticked off because they know that realistically, no one can be perfect. It’s therefore very much okay for your characters especially your stars or heroes to have a bit of flaws as these will make them feel real.

rea - 4 basic characteristics that make a good book

Your book should have a good sense of time

You must always remember that you are telling a story and every good story takes place within a context that includes a time frame. This therefore means that as you tell your story you must always ensure that your book has a good sense of time so that the reader is not lost on the story not being able to tell the amount of time that has passed in between events, what time of day it is, or is unable to determine the era the events in the book are taking place.

If you are to go through all the books that have been successful and made it to the reader’s choice lists, you will realize that they share these characteristics. As an author looking to make a mark in the publishing industry, you will not go wrong when you factor these 4 points in your literary work.

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