4 creative ways to find good books

Blog7 - 4 creative ways to find good books

Good books to read are often within your reach if only you know how to find them. It may often be tough identifying a good book from just its cover and synopsis therefore you need to get creative in order to be able to identify the right book for you. With a little bit of effort, you’ll be surprised as to how easy it is to find good books.

Here are 4 creative ways to find good books.

#1 Avoid getting influenced by best seller’s lists

This may be a bit controversial but the honest truth is most books will make it to the top of the best seller’s lists not because they are good reads but because they were written by famous authors and were creatively marketed. There are less known authors out there with really good books that will never make it on the best seller’s list so don’t let these lists limit your scope of searching for a good book.

books - 4 creative ways to find good books

#2 Visit an alternative book store

Many commercial bookstores may not stock certain types of books because they were both written and self-published by little-known authors or may be considered too controversial for the public. Such books may only end up being stocked by alternative and independent bookstores. If you are therefore looking for a good book, these are the types of bookstores you should consider starting your search.

#3 Join online book communities

There are a number of good online book communities such as Goodreads which you can sign up to and get access to independent book reviews, and book suggestions. Through such book communities you can get access to millions of books suggestions within a matter of minutes. They will often feature both well-known and little known authors across different genres therefore your scope of searching will not be narrow.

books2 - 4 creative ways to find good books

#4 Consult Nobel prize winners

Sometimes you don’t really have to go through too much hustle finding a good book, just consult reputable people who are well read such as winners of the Nobel Prize in Literature. These individuals will not shy away from singling out books or excerpts of books that they found very interesting and this is a cue for you that you ought to check out these books.

Be sure to try out these simple yet creative ways to find good books and you will be amazed at how fruitful your book search will be.

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