Alternative Book Store – 6 qualities of a good book store

Blog10 - Alternative Book Store – 6 qualities of a good book store

A bookstore is one of the most important places in society because it specializes in the sharing of knowledge. Most bookstores will serve all age groups from the young to the old, people from different social circles as well as those from different educational backgrounds. It’s at the bookstore where they are all united by their quest for new knowledge.

This article will look at the 6 qualities of a good bookstore which is essentially a blueprint that every bookstore owner should aspire to reach in order to be successful.

#1 A tranquil internal and external environment

A bookstore must be located in a tranquil environment that attracts people to it. It should be a quiet andsafe area that people of all ages can comfortably come to. The inside should also be equally tranquil, with a pleasantly calm design, well arranged book shelves that are easy to access, and plenty of space to accommodate many customers.

#2 Creative use of space

Because it may not be easy for customers to quickly figure out what books are in the bookstore, you could apply some creative use of space by using unused spaces as creative display areas where brief summaries of your books can be accessed and explored, as well as brief bios of your authors and interesting historical facts about them.

mm1 - Alternative Book Store – 6 qualities of a good book store

#3 Host special events

It’s also a good idea to host special events for your different demographics to keep things interesting and make reading fun. These could be special days for kids, book signings by some of the authors, or special book reading fairs. The idea is to make book reading interactive, fun and cool.

#4 Have knowledgeable staff

It’s a good idea to have staff who are avid readers themselves and very knowledgeable especially about the books in the store. Customers are likely to find it very interesting when the encounter staff who seem to have everything at their fingertips. You can be guaranteed that they will always be coming back for more books and even bring their friends and family along.

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#5 Have a wide array of books

A good bookstore should not just stock what’s trendy, it should factor in the cultural context of the community where it’s located therefore making it a point to stock a wide array of books that will appeal to each and every member of the community. No group should feel left out when they come to the bookstore.

#6 Good use of technology

It’s no secret that humans have limitations. It’s therefore a good idea for the bookstore to incorporate some technology in its service delivery to its customers. These could include an automated system for searching and tracing the location of different books and an online platform for accessing e-books, and so on.

Any bookstore that has such measures in place can be guaranteed of repeat customers as these form elements of a business model for running a successful bookstore.

If you are an author looking for an alternative book store in New York City to carry your book, or you are an avid reader looking to access interesting books to read, feel free to reach out to us.

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