These are the 3 main sections every good book must have

Blog8 - These are the 3 main sections every good book must have

Whether you are an author working on a book or a reader looking for a good book, there are certain fundamental things you need to know about good books such as the parts that make up the book. In this article we are going to look at the 3 main sections that every good book should have.

Section 1: The introduction

The first section of a book is always the introduction. This section should always be paginated using Roman numerals in lower case to differentiate it with the following sections of the book. It’s the section that will contain the title page, which gives details about the book’s title, the author, and other details such as copyright information, disclaimer statements, ISBN number, the book’s edition as well as the publisher’s information. Some books will also have a dedication page, a table of contents, acknowledgements, foreword, testimonials and preface. It’s however worth noting that these additional pages are optional and will mostly be dependent on the genre of the book.

body - These are the 3 main sections every good book must have

Section 2: The body

The second section of a book is the body and this is where the main text of the book will be. It’s important for this section to be paginated using Arabic numerals, and also have its major segments subdivided into chapters. The body should also have an introduction section which is essentially a summary of what is contained in the body and this helps the reader put things in perspective. After the introduction, the rest of the body text should flow in a logical order to enable the reader to comfortably follow the book step by step. It’s advisable to break the book into chapters and have each preceding chapter logically lead to the following chapter, up until the conclusion.

Section 3: The end section

The third and last section of the book can contain a number of things such as the afterword, appendices, a brief bio of the author, glossary, bibliography, and index. Most of these pages are optional but highly recommended also depending on the genre of the book. This section should also be paginated using Arabic numerals as a continuation of the body pagination.

As an author, it’s always important for you to consult reputable publishers to find out what will work best for your book’s genre. Whereas the sections are standard for all good books, the information to include under the various sections will be based on your book’s genre.

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