3 interesting programs that can be offered at a bookstore

Blog11 - 3 interesting programs that can be offered at a bookstore

Bookstores don’t just have to be places where people go to buy books they should be treated as a place where people go to access knowledge. This way, they can offer a wide range of beneficial programs to customers, which support literacy and knowledge exchange.

Here are 3 interesting programs that can be offered at a bookstore.

#Book lending programs

In as much as book lending is usually a preserve of libraries, this is a program that can be introduced by a bookstore as a way of encouraging a reading culture and attracting customers to the bookstore to find out what else is on offer. If the bookstore is not in apposition to give physical books, thanks to the internet, the bookstore can be able to lend out e-books.

r1 - 3 interesting programs that can be offered at a bookstore

#Introduce literacy programs

A bookstore can also come up with interesting literacy programs within the community in which it operates with the aim of helping individuals who have never had a chance to learn how to read and write to learn how to do so. This essentially is an investment because it more or less guarantees the bookstore more potential customers in the future.

#Introduce community outreach programs

As part of its marketing initiatives aimed at creating awareness about its existence and the services it offers, a bookstore can introduce community outreach programs where it educates the community on various aspects of the services it offers. These can be done through after school programs, church events, hosting seminars, and so on.

With such programs in place which in most cases will not cost much and can even be done by volunteers, a bookstore can be able to achieve a lot in terms of not only marketing its services but also creating an active reading culture within the community it exists.

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